The reach and popularity of livestreaming platforms, such as Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Hitbox,  is on the rise, with 292 billion minutes watched on Twitch alone in 2016. These platforms allow users to stream themselves playing games while interacting with a live audience. While most audience interactions are purely social, a small but growing number of games allow for livestreamed audiences to participate in gameplay. This project investigates these Audience Participation Games (APGs) technically, socially, and through game design.

We are developing games that use livestreamed audience participation, at a range of fidelities from design sketches to fully-playable prototypes. See our games under development.

We are creating technical tools that support the development of APGs, as well as curricula to help new designers work in this space. See the tools we have developed; see our curriculum and course materials.

We are studying player motivation and behavior in APGs, including understanding the impact of participation on streamer popularity and reasons why audience members choose to participate. Read our papers.

The APG project is led by Jessica Hammer in collaboration with Chris Klug, Jeff Bigham, and Saiph Savage. The project is funded by Amazon.