Playtesting is all about getting people to come play your game to see if it engenders the experience for which it was designed. This 2 year study observing ETC groups playtesting as part of their development process contributed to the development of a series of playtesting workshops.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 2.20.59 AM.png
Playtesting in progress

We created support tools (worksheets, visualization tools, slides, ways to organise findings) to help game development students structure their process and develop a an understanding of their experience and game design goals.

Three playtesting workshops were developed:

  • Explore: This first workshop focuses on using playtesting to explore a design space. It emphasizes problem finding, exploratory methods and interpreting qualitative data.
  • Refine: This second workshop focuses on playtesting as a method to iterate and refine an existing design. It emphasizes asking important, accurate, and answerable questions; integrating playtesting into production processes; and making data-driven decisions about game design.
  • Persuade: This third workshop focuses on playtesting as a way of negotiating with teammates and with other project stakeholders. It emphasizes understanding what evidence different stakeholders find persuasive, expertise versus experimental results, and communicating effectively about playtest data.



Judeth Oden Choi
Jessica Hammer
Jodi Furleze
Michael Christel (ETC)
MacKenzie Bates
Rachel Moeller