Tandem Transformational Game Design is a game design process framework. This project’s goal is to help teams making transformational games maximize every team member’s contribution, deeply ground their prototypes in theory, and have a clearer, more-shared game vision throughout their process. Tandem Design focuses on making to reflect and iterating on theory and related transformational goals.

Tandem Design consists of two cyclical sub-processes : Game-Driven Goal Delineation and Goal-Driven Game Design. These sub-processes intersect at Alignment. Goal Delineation involves defining your goals and grounding those goals in related literature. Game Design involves making prototypes and playtesting those prototypes. Alignment involves evaluating both your game and research artifacts and align your team’s orientation around your project.

If you are interested in using the materials associated with Tandem Design, please reach out to Alexandra To.


Tandem Transformational Game Design: A Game Design Process Case Study. In Proc. Meaningful Play 2016. To, A., Fath, E., Zhang, E., Ali, S., Kildunne, C., Fan, A., Hammer, J., Kaufman, G. (2016)


Alexandra To
Jessica Hammer
Geoff Kaufman
Elaine Fath
Eda Zhang
Safinah Ali
Catherine Kildunne
Anny Fan