Audience Participation Games (APG)

Investigating livestreamed audience participation games through research, prototyping, and game design.

Sensing Curiosity in Play and Responding (SCIPR)

Designing and studying game-based interventions for marginalized students in STEM to increase curiosity.

Social Justice Communities and Self-Organizing Movements

Understanding social justice activist communities, their collective actions and their interactions with the platform and the community.

Educational Technology Across Cultures (ETAC)

Explores how culturally-relevant technology can aid student learning and teacher practice.


Produces data visualizations that teachers can use to assess their own practices, reflect on outcomes, and set new performance goals.


Seeks to improve peer feedback on student presentations.


Seeks a new approach to improve AR technology more stable and easy to use in an education setting.

Role-Play for Interactive Learning

Investigating how facilitators manage role-play activities to help teachers find benefits from role-play

The Opposite of Disaster Project

Changing misconceptions about how survivors respond to disaster through transformational games

Tandem Transformational Game Design

Tandem Transformational Game Design is a game design process framework


About In a college classroom, it is relatively easy to to review actions and plan ahead, given the length of time between classes, and the short duration of most lectures. In a junior high classroom, however, students are more talkative and getting them to participate is not as much of a challenge as being able … Continue reading Talkways

Measuring Empathy in VR

About While VR is often described as an empathy-inducing medium, it is difficult to link specific features of a VR experience to empathy outcomes. This is due in large part to the challenges of measuring empathy constructs, and the difficulty of capturing the subjective emotional experience of a player in VR. This project involves building … Continue reading Measuring Empathy in VR


About Playtesting is all about getting people to come play your game to see if it engenders the experience for which it was designed. This 2 year study observing ETC groups playtesting as part of their development process contributed to the development of a series of playtesting workshops. We created support tools (worksheets, visualization tools, … Continue reading Playtesting